biscuit (wishi_waspecial) wrote,

LED how to.

Get 4 legos and drill a hole in the center the size of your LEDs.

Cut out the insides of the block (I used a dremel). Also, cut a notch in the ends of the block for the wire to fit in.

Insert the LED in the block and hot glue it from the inside.

Wire the LEDs in series of two. (refer to wiring diagram.)

To wire mine I used a mono chanel minijack cable with an extra segment of wire running from block 2 to block three. (refer to wiring diagram again)

Cut a hole in your casing (my casing was a mints tin, but almost anything would have worked) for the dc adapter. For this I used a dremel and a sanding cone atachment (if there is such a thing).

Hot glue the dc adapter input to the tin from the inside. (be sure to put electrical tape over the terminals, hopefully you understand why... If not, do it anyway...)

Cut a hole and insert the mono chanel mini jack. For this you could theoretically just have your LEDs harwired into the case, but I think it looks cooler.

Cut a hole in the top of the case for an on/off switch. (this could be put on the side)

Hot glue the switch to the case.

It should look something like this.

Cut another hole and hot glue another switch, this switch will be to controll the brightness (bright/not so bright).
Refer to the wiring diagram for the wiring details.

Your finished case should look something like this.

Or like this if you are looking at it from the back.

Here is the finished product!

any further questions email me at or just leave a comment.
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